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The IIT GmbH is...

…your partner in the area of auditing, controlling & archiving for more than 20 years – with expert knowledge around the topic of audit support and audit execution. Our clients are from the banking, industry and commerce, insurance and public administration sectors. With special tools for the performance and support of audits, we provide you with comprehensive advice and support. In addition to our software solutions, we also offer you the associated services – a one-stop solution.

Our software solutions cover the following areas:

  • Revision / Auditing
  • Controlling
  • Data verification and analysis
  • Quality Management
  • Archiving
  • Document management
iit GmbH

Audit & Controlling

Our group-compatible solution enables the auditor to have a structured workflow and at the same time relieves him of routine tasks by electronic distribution and archiving of the audit documents.

From a risk-oriented audit strategy, audit planning with checklists and defined audit and subject areas, through integrated capacity planning and audit documentation with report generation, follow-up and cost accounting you have the entire organisation of the audit department under control.

In addition, specialized audit software supports you in the analysis of large databases with defined audit routines.

Archiving & Document Management

In our understanding, archiving means: electronic safekeeping of all relevant documents in the company. Compact, secure and quickly retrievable at every workstation via keywording and full-text search. IIT offers this software, which is embedded in the existing system and software environment, including consulting and training.