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REDIS.notes -

the auditing software for Lotus Notes

REDIS.notes - for Lotus Notes

REDIS.notes enables the auditor/controller to have a structured workflow and at the same time relieves him/her of routine tasks by electronic distribution and archiving of audit documents.

From the risk-oriented audit approach, audit planning with defined audit areas, subject areas and checklists, through integrated capacity planning and audit documentation with automated report generation, follow-up and service accounting – you have the complete organisation of the audit department under control.

Detailed information about REDIS.notes can be found in our download area.

Services of REDIS.notes

  • Lotus Notes-based database for organizing audit and quality management departments.
  • 100% web functionality: complete operation via browser technology (optional).
  • Multi-language capability: REDIS.notes is also available in English (optional).
  • Connection to the resource planning module REDAT. grp (optional).
  • Detailed client structure for mapping complex corporate structures.
  • Detailed subject area structure with sub-areas.
  • Group scheduling and direct calendar access.
  • Skill-database to support the selection of auditors.
  • Extended evaluation possibilities due to highly automated integration of Microsoft Word and Excel using REDIS.office.
  • Risk-oriented audit planning, including a risk map to illustrate the risks for the German law on “Control and Transparency in Business” (KonTraG).
  • Knowledge-database: subject area catalogue, checklists, workflow descriptions (can be stored individually).
  • Capacity planning with annual projection according to employees, groups and locations.
  • Report generation.
  • Group capable by means of REDAT. subsystem (e.g. segmentation of the REDIS.notes database into foreign companies).
  • Follow-Up.
  • Individual valuation.
  • Distribution of efforts.
  • Findings / Actions.
  • Connection for audited authorities via REDAT.followup.
  • Invoicing.
  • Archive function via REDAT.archive.
  • etc.

Objectives for the development of REDIS.notes

  • Structured workflow through electronic forms (templates) for audit documents.
  • Relief of routine work due to electronic distribution and archiving of audit documents.
  • Direct online access to audit reports for the Executive Board.
  • High degree of transparency of audit work within the department and towards the Executive Board.
  • Detailed evaluation options.
  • A security system corresponding to the auditing work.